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As a woman, you know for a fact that regular conditioning at home using a store-bought conditioner is not enough. This is especially true once the summer rolls in. While your body and its new tan will thank the UV rays, your hair will suffer. Add that to the fact that your hair is regularly exposed to frizz, chlorine and other nasty things and you have the formula for dry and frizzy hair. So, Steam Conditioning vs Deep Conditioning?

What are Your Options?

You have two options as far as conditioning is concerned – steam conditioning vs deep conditioning. We’re offering both options here at Aza Salon at the same price. The question is – which one should you go for?

There are several things to consider like your hair type. However, you can make the decision easier if you know what they are and what benefits they present.

Deep Conditioning

Just as the name implies, you’ll be conditioning your hair more deeply. While the regular conditioners will do well as far as conditioning the outside of your hair is concerned, you need more than that if you’re looking for better results and if your hair is exposed to more outside factors that affect the condition of your hair.

This process requires soaking your hair in a conditioning treatment. You need a deep conditioner for this process. This is because it’s designed to penetrate the fibers of your hair so that it can condition your hair from within. As it penetrates your hair fibers, moisture is added. This makes your hair healthier looking. In addition, protein is also injected for healthier hair.

This is something that you can do at home. You just need to buy a good deep conditioner. But if you’re looking for best results, we here at Aza Salon can help.

Steam Conditioning

Actually, this is meant to complement any conditioning procedure. This is not really conditioning per se. The process requires steaming of the hair. This process is not meant to moisturize or condition the hair. It’s meant to open your hair follicles so that your conditioner (preferably a deep conditioner) can penetrate the hair fibers better and deeper. This allows your conditioner to work its magic more.

This is a useful procedure if you’re looking to inject more moisture into your hair. If using a deep conditioner provides deeper conditioning than using a regular conditioner, then steam conditioning (with the use of a good deep conditioner) provides the deepest form of conditioning.

You can do this process at home if you’re willing to shell out around $150 for a steamer. You can also improvise by using a hot towel or by turning the hot shower on. Of course, these alternatives can’t match the effects provided by a steamer. Since it’s usually not a cost-efficient idea to invest on a steamer, it’s better to just use the steamer at a salon.

What to Do Now

It’s best to take advantage of deep conditioning AND steam conditioning. We have some great deep conditioners here at Aza Salon that we can use on your hair. For best results, we can use our top of the line steamer for steam conditioning. This steamer will surely open up your hair follicles so that the deep conditioner will provide you with the best results.

It’s a good idea to schedule a regular appointment for the two conditioning processes. This ensures a well-conditioned hair all throughout the year. Do you really want to give your hair a chance to be dry and frizzy? Summer is just around the corner. Protect and moisturize your hair!