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Today’s modern technological advances have become something we have very quickly become accustomed to as a society. It was less than 20 years ago that Google did not exist, less than 10 years ago when the first iPhone was introduced to return Apple to greatness, as well as the introduction of social media powerhouses Twitter and Facebook. The wealth of much of the world’s information is available in our pockets (although many of us use it to watch videos of kittens or people dancing to pop songs).

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Social media sites allows anyone to have a voice. Whether one uses it to share photos of their animals and children, to eschew their view on the state of political or religious affairs in the country and abroad, or to quietly observe the opinions of their friends and people they follow, it is a forum that, for better or worse, is a part of everyday life. Building on this idea of giving voice to anyone and everyone, companies like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Trip Advisor have created online communities for the happiest and most disgruntled of consumers. These reviews can often help or harm any business, especially depending on the business’s size, product, or service offered. For many, the jury is out about whether this information is useful or whether it reflects the opinions of overzealous people with too much time on their hands.


Fortunately for AZA Salon, a full-service salon in New York, the large majority of comments and experiences shared online by customers have been very positive. Boasting largely 4 or 5-star reviews on both Yelp and on Facebook, here are a few of the glowing accounts of customer feedback online from 2015 from both male and female customers:

From Yelp:

Jake M. from NYC says,

“The only salon in NYC I’ll use (that I can afford)! The staff is very welcoming and they’ve always cut my hair perfectly. Great atmosphere and the cost is very reasonable for a good haircut.”–January 2015


Justin D. shares,

“Aza is the man.  Great cut, great guy.  $25 bucks and he always makes me look better than I should.  His staff is friendly and helpful.   Highly recommended.” —March 2015



Kelly S. of NYC writes,

“Had my first appointment the other day, the place is no frills but Lana was great. She did something which makes so much sense but I don’t see a lot of hair stylists do – she showed me how much hair she was going to cut off to get my ok before she actually made the cut. I really appreciated that.

Appointment availability was good, I called the day before to book an after work appointment on a weekday and it was no problem. Hair cut was really quick (~25 min, including blowout) but I did not feel that the quality was compromised at all.

And of course you can’t beat the price – I was in disbelief after going to so many expensive salons but it was true, $45 for wash & blow dry. Amazing.”–April 2015



Julia V. writes,

“Great salon with unbelievable prices for the NYC area. I used to pay $75+ for a haircut and blow dry but am happy to find areas in Manhattan without the overpriced cut. I came in to do maintenance on hair that has grown out for a long time and was able to get a beautiful cut and dry within 45 minutes for $42. The ladies here always take their time to do a good job with your hair, especially when it comes to blow drying. Remember they take cards, but tips are cash only (conveniently, there is a Bank of America just down the block.)” –October 2015


 While any business is inevitably maligned by the random customer unhappy with their product or service, it is clear that the vast majority feedback has left clients feeling good and looking good.

In addition to the friendly staff, comfortable environment, and professional haircuts and salon services, one of the enduring themes of customer satisfaction has been with the reasonable pricing in  the highly competitive and expensive market of New York City. AZA Salon is a full service hair salon with [  ] years of experience in Manhattan, offering services ranging from simple bang trims and  haircuts to full color treatments and highlights. At AZA, customers can feel assured of fair pricing (take it from other customers).


Book your appointment today by calling (212) 475-1004, or simply visit our Manhattan location at 50 Lexington Avenue (between 24th and 25th streets).


AZA Salon Welcomes Your Feedback:

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If you found this article helpful or have had similar great experiences, AZA Salon humbly encourages you to share your experience online. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, visit us online at azasalon.com, and take a moment to share you positive experience with others on Yelp.

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