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Time does fly. We here at Aza Salon remember the end of 2013 like it was just yesterday. Last year around this time, our clients were asking us about the popular hair trends for 2014. Now, we can’t believe that our clients are now asking us about new hair trends in new york for 2015! We figured that we’ll make this information available to our readers as well, so here they are!

Hair Colors

Are you running out of ideas for hair color? Here are some classics that will remain to be popular this 2015 along with some new hair color ideas!

  • Warm brown

Don’t sleep on the warm brown colors. There’s a reason why they remain to be popular with A-list celebrities like Cameron Diaz. They’re perfect especially during the fall season, so plan ahead!

This works even if you have a blonde shade. You can also ask our hairstylists to give your deep brown hair a warmer shade of brown.

  • Rich auburn

There’s a reason why people are drawn to Emma Stone’s hair. This is not to say that her face is not worthy of being looked at, but her rich auburn hair is truly captivating! This tone works with just about anyone and is very easy to carry.

  • Platinum

Dumb blonde jokes are so 1990s. Nowadays, people are actually looking to turn their hair color into a captivating shade of blonde. The platinum tone is a very popular shade thanks to January Jones.

The year 2015 may be the year when you try an entirely different hair color. You can even make the bold move to have your hair dyed with a bold color like blue or red. Just make sure that whatever color you choose, it should complement your skin tone and eye color. Our hairstylists can help you pick out the right hair color for you.

Hair Styles

Short hairstyles will remain to be very popular. They’re very popular for the past few years, and they’re not showing any signs of “riding into the sunset”. Bob hairstyles are definitely in along with the bolder quiff style.

If you’re not ready to shock the world by going from long hair to bob, you can go for the safer mid-length hair. Think of it as having the best of both worlds. You’re getting the glamour of long hair and the low maintenance traits of short hair.

Here are some other hairstyles that you can try this 2015:

  • Plaits

This is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there. You can style your hair into plaits for a casual date and you wouldn’t look out of place. Are you attending a very formal event? Plaits are the way to go this 2015. If plaits are good enough for the red carpet, then it should be good enough for whatever formal event you’re attending this 2015.

  • Fringes

This is the go-to hairstyle if you’re one of those women who want to show the world that you don’t really care how you look, but you want to look amazing while doing that. It’s a very easy hairstyle that you can even do on your own. It works with most hairstyles and could be your way out of a bad hair day.

  • Boho waves

This is the hairstyle of choice for the summer of 2015. It gives off this vibe that you’re a carefree but glamorous woman. This hairstyle will be perfect for a day at the beach or even for a Sunday stroll with loved ones.

There you have it! We can’t wait for 2015, and we’re sure that you can’t wait, too!