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How many times have you entered a hair salon, asked for a hair color treatment, and wasn’t given an option as far as treatment is concerned? If you’re not yet a client here at Aza Salon, that’s basically how it goes for you. Here at Aza Salon, we take pride in providing our clients with options. Yes, this also applies with hair color treatments including Double Process Hair Coloring.

The Two Popular Treatment Options

You’re already familiar with the single process color treatment. Basically, this is where your whole head of hair is colored in just a single tone. This works just fine if you’re able to find the perfect hair tone for you. Let’s say that a blonde tone makes you look like Gwen Stefani with her single processed blonde hair, then go for it! Speaking of single processed blonde hair, you have to watch out though because it can look like a wig in some cases. Yes, we’re looking at you, Holly Madison!

Of course, there’s the popular highlights treatment. Basically, you’re sticking to your base hair color and you’re just going to make some sections darker. This is a good option if you’re just looking to add a bit of contrast to your hair and you’re looking to avoid the aforementioned wig phenomenon sometimes caused by the single process treatment. Simply put, it can give you a tone-on-tone result that a lot of people are going for.

However, this is not a perfect treatment option. This is not a good idea if your base hair color is not that ideal to begin with. For example, it’s not a good idea to get highlights if your hair is starting to turn gray. In addition, there’s also the risk of getting a stripes effect instead of the tone-on-tone effect. This happens if there’s too much of a contrast. This is not an ideal effect of highlights.

Double Process: The Perfect Solution?

This is not to say that the single process and highlight treatments are bad. They can be good options in most cases. This is dependent on your specific case and our stylists should be able to tell you if they’re a good option for you. What if they’re not the right solutions for you? That’s where the double process hair treatment can help you.

Basically, you’re getting the best of both worlds. It’s basically a single process and highlight treatment in one. This is the best way to get that tone-on-tone look. You’re getting treatment in order to get the overall hair color that looks perfect on you and you’re getting highlights in order to get the right amount of contrast. This way, you’re not getting that grayish cast that happens among people with graying hair who insist on getting highlights and you’re also avoiding that stripes effect.

Do a quick Google search of some of the best-known celebrities nowadays and there’s a good chance that you’ll see the results of a double process hair treatment. Scarlett Johansson (or ScarJo, whatever works for you!) comes to mind.

How to Get this Effect

This is something that’s best done by a professional hairstylist, so book an appointment now at Aza Salon. Our hairstylists should be able to tell you if you should go for a single process, highlights or double process treatment. As a general rule, there’s no reason why the double process treatment shouldn’t work on you since the tones can be anyway.

Now, it’s important to note that special care should be practiced on your hair after this treatment. Our hairstylists will tell you how to take care of your new look, so make sure to listen!