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Aza Salon offers eyebrow threading and waxing services in Manhattan for the best price and best comfort of clients. One is not really better, but there are some definite differences when deciding on eyebrow threading and waxing in Manhattan. In a nutshell, eyebrow waxing may be ideal for those who want the longest lasting results. But eyebrow threading can offer the most precise and a more comfortable experience than eyebrow waxing. The personal choice is just that – most women find eyebrow threading and waxing in Manhattan really comes down to the best cost and comfort while the procedure is being done. Like other treatments such as the Brazilian Keratin treatment, decide what’s best for you.

Eyebrow threading and waxing in Manhattan

The difference between eyebrow threading and waxing in Manhattan

You will find most people can wax their eyebrows with little or no negative side effects. It is still completely up to personal preference if you decide you must use eyebrow waxing or threading eyebrows. But if you try to get rid of body hair other than the eyebrows, you may find that waxing or shaving will be your best bet. Tweezers and picking eyebrow is still considered a viable option by many. For many, eyebrow threading is generally regarded as a better method than waxing because it is less damaging. This is because waxing can cause skin damage, expose your body to harsh chemicals, and even cause premature deterioration of the skin tones and lead to wrinkles. To make an informed decision, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Many people go back and forth, basing their decision on how much discomfort they feel by eyebrow threading and waxing. On the whole, eyebrow threading is becoming the most popular for unwanted hair removed from your eyebrows.


Eyebrow threading and waxing in Manhattan

Eyebrow threading in Manhattan is growing in popularity

There are no hazardous chemicals when using the threading technique. A hairdresser’s premium brand or even store-bought wax will contain corrosive chemicals, and this is bad for your health. With threading you can avoid resins, carcinogens, artificial fragrances, hazardous dyes and other hazardous chemicals. Threading is a good alternative if you have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, waxing may cause reactions and irritation. Eyebrow threading will not leave your skin raw, red, or even inflamed. This is because there is no damage to the skin when it comes to threading, as there is much less contact with skin.

Eyebrow threading and waxing in Manhattan

Threading is faster, which is another wonderful pro. You do not have to wait for anything to dry or harden when working with thread.

The use of threads will not last longer than waxing, however. Your hair will not come back for three to four weeks, but waxing is longer.

Why eyebrow threading may not be better than waxing

The most common – and obvious – complaint about waxing is the temporary red halo around the treated area immediately following the service. “If you have sensative skin,” commented Aza Salon founder Azamat, “then you may want to steer clear of the procedure.” If you do go with a waxing solution for your eyebrow waxing then it’s worth pretreating the skin with an application of a special oil specifically designed for mitigating the harshness of the procedure. “Try an application of oil from Afore Kristie Streicher,” suggests Teen Vogue magazine. Hours before you wax you can reduce inflammation by taking precautions in this manner. Another potential drawback to eyebrow threading is that it can leave lines that make highly defined eyebrows. Could be good or could be bad? For that reason it’s important to choose Aza Salon or a reputable shop for eyebrow threading and waxing in Manhattan.

Then there’s always the option of using a pencil to get the results you really want – and no discomfort at all!