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We here at Aza Salon recommend the best hair color gloss treatments to our clients for good reason. Simply put, we believe in the procedure and we understand its importance. Judging from the positive feedback that we’re getting from our clients – ranging from “I’m glad I listened to you” to “OMG thanks for recommending it to me” – we’re not the only believers of this treatment procedure.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether to get this treatment or not, let us give you compelling reasons that should turn you from a doubter to a believer.

Hair Gloss

Top Reasons Why You should Set Up an Appointment for a Hair Color Gloss Treatment

It’s a good way to reverse the damages done by the summer sun to your hair.


No one’s going to blame you for spending too much time underneath the sun in the summer. After all, it is beach season. However, your hair probably hates you for it. By getting the best hair color gloss treatments available, you’re actually reversing the damages by repairing your hair. It will provide your hair with deep conditioning and will bring it back to life as far as texture is concerned.

It’s milder than a regular dye.

If you’re one of those people who have sensitive hair, you can benefit from a hair color gloss treatment. This is because it’s relatively milder than a regular dye. While regular dye has ammonia, the gloss is more of an acidic treatment that will close your hair and its cuticle so that they won’t be damaged.

Because it’s milder, it’s also less permanent. This is a good thing if you’re not really looking for permanent effects. This is understandable. Hair dye is more permanent as it opens up your hair’s cuticle so that the dye can do its work. While it’s more permanent this way, it’s also harsher.

This treatment is not that big of a commitment as well so even if you do end up hating the results, which we doubt, it will naturally fade on its own within 2 months.

It will make your hair smooth and shiny.

This treatment makes your hair’s color more translucent. This means that it’s more subdued and will highlight your hair’s natural color. In addition, it can even minimize the frizz in your hair. This is because of its deep conditioning properties. Your hair will be so smooth and shiny that you’d wonder if you got a hair conditioning treatment in addition to the color gloss.

Speaking of highlighting your hair’s natural color, you can take it one step further by choosing a clear gloss. This treatment lowers the pH level of the hair and conditions it in the process.

Maintaining it is simple and easy.

This is a good thing for those who don’t want to be bothered with complicated maintenance procedures. As long as you’re going to use products that are free from sulfate and are designed for colored hair, there shouldn’t be any problems.

With these many benefits, you just know that you need to pick up the phone in order to set up an appointment. As a bonus, this is a very affordable treatment. For just $30, you can take advantage of the benefits of a hair color gloss procedure. It’s more affordable than our other hair coloring treatment procedures.

This is not to say that the color gloss is better overall than hair dye. Each one of them offers their own benefits. It’s just that some people prefer the benefits offered by the former. If you’re one of them, come visit us so we can set you up.